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  • to set out the legal rights and obligations between The Download World and users of the website
  • when users of the website will visit the website, download and contribute information in a personal capacity

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What are users allowed to do with content on in the website?

The Download World website terms of use allow choosing what a user can do with the content on the website.

  • Downloading and storing the content in electronic form
  • Printing one copy of the content, and/or

What are users not allowed to do with the website?

Users may not upload, distribute or otherwise publish content that is confidential, false, fraudulent, defamatory, threatening, invasive of privacy, infringing intellectual property, illegal or encourages criminal offense. They also aren’t allowed to make or store electronic copies of content protected by copyright without the permission of the owners. The Download World website terms and conditions prevents users from using the website in any way that is harmful, illegal, abusive, harassing, threatening or in breach of any applicable law, regulation or government order.

Cookie policy

Consent does not necessarily have to be explicit opt-in consent eg a check box. Implied consent can also be valid. If you are relying on implied consent, the users should be fully understood that their actions will result in cookies being set. However,
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