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Rabbit Care

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Dear Fellow Rabbit Lover,

I am assuming that you were drawn to this page because of your interest in rabbits. And either you are thinking about getting a rabbit or already have one or two.

I love rabbits, too.

Rabbits are so cute, and very intelligent. They need a little attention, like any other creature but can provide much love, devotion and profit (if you prefer.) They are very fragile and can easily be hurt by handling them wrong and can even be scared to death.

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On that note let me ask you a few questions...

Are you looking for reliable information about the care of your rabbit?

Would you like for your rabbit to trust you as a friend?

Do you wish you could find the support you need to properly care for your rabbits?

Would you like for your rabbit to feel safe and secure in your home?

Would you like to know how to actually take care of rabbits?

We can hear your positive response.

Don’t worry… we can show you how to take care of them from my many years of experience and research. You can rest assured that my experience can work for you and create an environment for happy and healthy rabbits. Rabbits can offer the same love, devotion and enjoyment as any other pet and can become a vital part of your family.

Rabbits are not like other pets. They are unique and until families with rabbits understand, there will continue to be abandoned rabbits and unintentional cruelty. They can live up to 15 years with the proper care and love and a few small details. You cannot just buy a rabbit, put it in a cage in the back yard, ignore it and expect it to flourish.

The inspiration to offer help came from a great deal of effort. Some friends of mine had one die from the fireworks demonstration nearby. Poor thing was literally scared to death. This tragedy could have been prevented. Let me show you how.

Finally… Such Tragedies Could Be Prevented!

We have compiled all the information you need in one place to find the enjoyment you and your rabbit deserve!

Everyone I know with rabbits has never had a step-by-step guide like this until now. None of the people I talked to, have ever heard of a guide for the care of rabbits. There are many guides for the care of other animals, but nothing with this detail for the care of rabbits. All of them have raved about this guide and wished I had written it years ago! Everyone involved in the companionship, care and growth of rabbits needs this book.

These innocent animals need care from birth through every stage of their sweet lives. Ignorance is no excuse for abuse and cruelty, even though it may be unintentional.

I spent countless hours interviewing vets, owners, breeders and others involved in rabbits for business. I used the information I gathered and put it in one place. I compiled this guide from these interviews, years of personal experience and detailed research. It is the most complete guide available today.

It Is Time For You To Benefit From The Experts!

The complete step-by-step guide is yours for the asking. I titled it, “The Ultimate Guide for Rabbit Care” because that is what it is, the only guide you will need.

This guide can teach you the best breed to get. Some breeds are better than others as pets. Rabbits for business use may need to be other breeds. No one interested in rabbit care intentionally wants to hurt these innocent creatures. My book will help avoid hurting them and teach you how to hold them and care for them in the best way possible for happy, healthy pets.

You’ll learn about the care of rabbits the easy way. If you are a beginner or haven’t had rabbits since childhood, get my book and read it before getting another rabbit. It is entertaining, and easy to read. This is the best way to prepare for your new addition to the family. It is also beneficial if you are interested in raising rabbits for profit. It even contains valuable information for those who have some experience in rabbit care and already have rabbits.

Did you know you can train a rabbit to do things? Yes, you can. They are very intelligent and most people do not understand them. There is a right way to care for them and a wrong way. I briefly touch on the wrong way as an example only. This guide can save money and time and eliminates the “trial and error” way. It can save time in research as I have already done it for you.

Here’s What’s Inside

“The Ultimate Guide for Rabbit Care”:

This book is for anyone, whether you are just beginning, or an expert. Everyone will learn something from my book. Even though experience is the best teacher, knowledge can be just as powerful in the right hands.

My book can help you even if you do not own a pet rabbit. If you are interested in learning more about rabbits and wish to be confident in your decision to get one, get this book first. My book will aid your decision and help decide if a rabbit is a good pet for you.

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