504 Bath & Beauty Recipes
  • 504 Bath & Beauty Recipes

504 Bath & Beauty Recipes

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504 Bath & Beauty Recipes

Forget the beauty salon and get some guilt-free homemade beauty products for yourself. Everything from easy-to-make, and all-natural so you can take care of your skin....

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With so many chemicals in store bought cosmetics, it’s nice to have a few natural homemade alternatives and know exactly what goes into them…plus they don’t come with a price tag!

Take a look through and decide which one you’ll treat yourself with first.

There are few sensations quite as glorious as sinking into a hot bath on a chilly winter’s night, and if that bath happens to be scented with wonderful salts and oils, that can rival a spa experience for relaxation and De-stressing. Add some luxurious, moisturizing body scrubs and lotions into the mix, and you have a spectacular gift package for someone special.

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