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Bipolar Disorder Explained
  • Bipolar Disorder Explained

Bipolar Disorder Explained

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Living with bipolar disorder can be extremely trying on a person's relationships with their friends and family. Struggling with difficult emotions or manic episodes is hard, but it's even more challenging without the support of a good friend.

Helping your friend with bipolar disorder requires patience and understanding, but remember to treat yourself with the same care and respect you provide your friend.

If you are concerned that your friend may be a risk to themselves or others, get them help immediately.

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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: Understanding Bipolar 
Bipolar: The Medical Side 
Do You Have Bipolar? 
What’s The Cause? 
Are You At Risk? 
Should You Go To The Doctor? 
Who Should I See? 

Chapter 2: Bipolar Treatment 
Stress & Anxiety 

Chapter 3: Your Options 
Electroconvulsive Therapy 
What’s Right For You? 

Chapter 4: The Truth About BiPolar Disorder 
Noncompliance And Nonadherence 
You Don’t Understand Your Illness 
They Don’t Like The Doctor 
The Side Effects 
What Else Can It Be? 

Chapter 5: Learning To Cope With Bipolar Disorder  37
The Way You Sleep 
Monitor Your Medications 
Maintain Your Level Of Activity 
Don’t Use Drugs Or Alcohol 
Reduction Of Stress 
Watch For Signs 
Keep Your Doctor Informed

Chapter 6: Support Groups 
Who Is Your Support Group? 
Outside Support 

Chapter 7: Coping By Monitoring Symptoms: The Mood Chart 
What Is It? 

Conclusion: Final Words 

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