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Customers are King


A book like this had just been waiting to be written. Here's something almost none of the Internet Marketing courses you will ever find would talk about at all - yet it's something majority of us would only discover after going into business for ourselves.

Customers are King tackles some of the most common issues in doing business - online or offline - and provides a practical guide to handling customer dissatisfaction, refunds, improve your paid subscriptions retention rate, and more. Inspired by real life experience, this life manual to handling your customers is now yours for the taking.


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  • Table Of Contents

    •     Good Customer Relationship - Why is it Important?

    •     Understanding Your Customers

    •     How to Calculate Customer Lifetime Value

    •     How to Keep Your Customers Happy?

    •     How to Get Your Customers to Say 'Wow!'

    •     Proven Methods of Customer Retention

    •     The Art of Customer Follow-up

    •     Loyalty Marketing Program

    •     Promotional Items to Enhance Customer Relations

    •     Handling Customer Complaints

    •     How to Deal with Difficult Customers

    •     Detachment

    •     Inhospitality

    •     Rudeness

    •     Attitude

    •     Ignorance

    •     Inaccessibility

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