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American Christmas


"Discover Where All Our Most Cherished Christmas Traditions Originated From. . .

Where The Holiday We Celebrate In America Started At. . .

And, Why Those Answers May Not Be What You Think!"

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Dear Christmas Season Lover,

Christmas is a time for celebration all across the United States. Families and friends gather together for a day of festive merry-making.

But, do you know where the holiday we traditionally celebrate on December 25th originated at? Think it all began with the birth of Jesus Christ? Then you had better think again!

Christmas has always been believed to be a historical date when we celebrate the greatest gift bestowed onto mankind. Many people believe that this was the day that Jesus Christ came into the world.

Unfortunately, no one knows the exact birth date of Jesus. There is, however, another reason why we celebrate Christmas in America on this date. And it stems back to before Jesus was even born!

Inside the brand new PDF ebook, "The History of An American Christmas and Its Traditions", you will discover the real reason why Christmas is celebrated on December 25th.

Along with even more history on why we put up a Christmas Tree, the history of Santa Claus, why Candy Canes were invented, why we hang stockings, the real meaning behind mistletoe, and even more to put you in the "holiday know".

That's not all you receive when you download your copy of "The History of An American Christmas and Its Traditions" though.

In as little as one sale, this exciting and informative ebook will virtually pay for itself!

Yes indeed. That's all it will cost to expand your knowledge of the most beloved holiday we as Americans celebrate. Impress your family and friends at the next Christmas party. Or, you could even make an educational game out of all the information you'll receive inside this one of a kind PDF ebook.

24 Pages

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