Freezer Shelf Tray Plastic Trim (White)
  • Freezer Shelf Tray Plastic Trim (White)

Genuine Beko Fridge Freezer Shelf Tray Plastic Trim White

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Front White Plastic Shelf Trim For Your Beko Refrigerator.

Specifications: Length 455 mm, Slot for shelf fitting: 413mm

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Suitable for Models: 

FS5552W, CDA538S-2, R240W, TLF550W-2, L60, L260, TLDA521W-2, TLDA521S-2, SSE 26006, CA5411FFW, CDA539FW-2, CDA539FB-2, CA5411FFS, CDA539FS-2, CDA539FX-2, CHE 24006, KSM9520, CDA554W-2, CDA554S, CSE29006, CDA542W-1, CFA70W-2, CFA70S-2, CIS55834W, CXS5104W, CS5834APW, CS5834APS, CDA542S-1, CSE31006, KGM9550, KGM 9550

CDA543FW-2, CDA543FB-2, CDA543FS-2, CDA555FW, CDA565FW, CDA565FS, TL546APW, LX5095W, LX5095S, TL546APS, LX5095S_OLD, SSE26026, SSE26026S, CDA563FW-2, CDA563FS-2, KSM9520A+, KSM9520X, CBN300A+, CSE32020, CSE32020S, FS7301W, KS7303 X, CS5713APW, CS5713APB, CS5713APS, CSE 29026, DSM9500, DSE20000, RDM6107, KFI1125, RBI6106, CSE24007, CSE 24007, KSM9510P, KSM9510A+

KSM9510, CSE24027, KSD7170, RDM6126, DSM1500, KFI1125-1, RBI 6101, CF5015APW, CF5015APS, KGM9550P, KGM9550PX, COOL54FW, CF5834APW, CF540W, CXF5104W, COOL54FB, CF5834APB, CF540B, CXF5104B, CF5834APS, CXF5104S, COOL54FS, CF540S, COOL54FDW, CFD5834APW, CFD540W, FFD5582W, CXFD5104W, CFD5834APB, CFD540B, CFD5834APS, CFD540S, CXFD5104S, COOL54FDS, COOL53FW, CF5533APW 

CXF5083W, CF5533APB, CF5533APS, DSE 27020, RBI 6102, KS9242 W, KS9242 X, KF17155/7, KGM9530P, H5834APS, CH124020W, EFC51824W, EFC51533W, CXF825W, CXF525W, CXF825B, CXFD825W, CXFD825S, LX465W, LX465S, RCF582W, RCF582DW, RCF582DS, RCF582DB, , 53FW, 54FDW, 7121Y, B1750HCA, B1751, B1752, B1752F, B1752HCA, B1800HCA, B1801, B1802, B1802F, B1802HCA, CA5411FFS-2, CA5411FFW-2, CDA538S-1, CDA538S,

CDA538W-1, CDA538W, CDA539FS, CDA539FW, CDA542, CDA542S, CDA543FS/2, CDA543FS, CDA543FW, CDA554S-1, CDA554W-1, CDA563FW/2, CHE24006, CHILL53W, CHILL55W, CIS5584W, CSE24006, CSE290006, CSE29006S, CSE29026, DSE25000, DSE25006, DSE25006M, DSE25006S, DSE25020, DSE25020X, DSE25022, DSE25022S, DSE25026, DSE25036, DSE25036XX, DSE250, DSE250S, DSE27000HCA, DSE27020, LA120S, LA120W, LA552B, LA620S,

LA620SBK5L54135, LA620W, LA87S, LA87W, LAP622W, LDE2206HCA, LE145S, LX5053S, LX5053W, QC75F And Models: RA110S, RA110W, RA610S, RA610W, RAP614W, RBI6101, RBI6102, RBI6106HCA, RBI6301, RBI6306, RBI6306HCA, RBI6306LH, RDE2306, RDE6206, RDE6206S, RDV2306HCM, SSE26006, SSE26026X, SSE26036, T7121Y, TDA534S, TDA534W, TLDA521S-1, TLDA521S, TLDA521W-1, TLDA521W, TLF500W, TSE1230, TSE1230F,

TSE1230FS, TSE1231F, TSE1231FS, TSE12340, TSE12340S, TSE1234, TSE1240, TSE1254, TSE1260, TSE1260F, TSE1262, TSE1262F, TSE1262FS, TSE1262X, TSE1263F, TSE1267F, TSE1270, TSE1280, TSE1280M, TSE1281M, TSE1282, TSE1283, TSE1283X, TSE1284, TSE1350, TSE1400, TSE1400F, TSE1402, TSE1402F, TSE1402FS, TSE1402X, TSE1404, TSE1410, TSE1420, TSE1422, TSE1423, TSE1424, UL584APS, UL584APW, UR584APS, UR584APW

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