Beko 462900010 Belling Leisure New World Stoves Oven Fan Oven Heater
  • Beko 462900010 Belling Leisure New World Stoves Oven Fan Oven Heater

Beko 462900010 Belling Leisure New World Stoves Oven Fan Oven Heater

Special offer

This is a replacement 1800watt fan oven element for your Beko oven

This is a Beko Product

We strongly recommend elements are fitted by suitably qualified person with the appliance disconnected from the mains supply

Fits Beko, Belling, Blomberg, Flavel (Arcelik), Lamona, Leisure, New World, Stoves

1800 watt (240v) turbo ( Circular ) heating element


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Please take appropriate safety precautions when undertaking repairs on all appliances. Some products are intended for use by appropriately trained professional/trade users. Repairs to gas cookers and gas hobs should only be made by a Gas Safe Registered engineer.

Suitable For: Beko

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Box Contains

1x Fan Oven Heater Element

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